White Buffalo Turquoise has been historically used as a protection stone for its purifying properties. White Turquoise has been referred to as "White Buffalo" in US mining and trading circles for over fifty years. Most participants in these circles do not use the term "White Turquoise" at all, as the stone is not truly turquoise. This healing stone will console you and purify your energy and provide better self-acceptance. The Buffalo Stone is considered a strengthening stone., one of the most powerful in the metaphysical gemstone family. This stone is a calming stone. It helps relax the mind and body, our thoughts and emotions. It alleviates many of the things that cause us anxiety to begin with, such as critical thoughts about yourself and others, including selfishness and stress. If you are looking for more peace and relaxation in your life, the stone is the perfect stone for you. White Buffalo helps you open yourself up to higher ways of thinking, knowledge, and wisdom.

White Buffalo Turquoise

  • Copper base metal with a sterling silver overlay. Description of stones included in purchase.