Larsonite is petrified wood. Specifically, bogwood, which is swamp bog, a combination of canes, trees, algae, plants (such as cattails) and dead organisms that were in the bog when it was petrified. Larsonite teaches its owner to see difficult situations as tools for wisdom. If you feel conflicted between your heart and your mind, this stone will help you get centered so you can hear your Higher Self speak to you. It helps you release disappointment, loss, and sadness from your past. The past gets put into perspective as less important than the here and now and the future seems brighter. The people who are attracted to this stone seem to be determined and proud individuals. It helps people to stay on a path to success and still be open to new lines of thought. It inspires a balanced life. Most people feel more affectionate after carrying Laronsite.


  • Copper base metal with a sterling silver overlay. Description of stones included in purchase.